Sonata for Viola and Piano

This piece is part of a personal trend – “generic” instrumental music without a text or historical topic, but still suffused with deep personal statements of my style and personality. It has most of the Malmquistisms – “minimalism” and minimal materials stretched to their limits; enigmatic quotes (points if you can find them!); a passacaglia and pan-diatonic (plus some pan-modal) harmony. It’s sort of neo-classical and neo-pop at the same time; it’s emotive but not quite neo-romantic.

It was written in the late spring and early summer of 2013, in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, and in the first year of my marriage. Evenings around this time are best spent by the shore of Lake Michigan, perhaps with a delicate curl of cigar smoke around you, basking in the cool breezes from off the water.


Duration – 12 1/2 minutes





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