Sonata for Cello and Piano

At time of writing I am not particularly wise or old, but as my life continues I find that both sorrows and joys of life multiply in ways that I never could have imagined even a few short years ago. Loved ones go through misfortunes, stress mounts in careers, and what’s more life never seems to let one catch up. At the same time, one can find solace and love in partners and in the wisdom of friends.

There can be so much love and so much bitterness, all flowing in an endless stream that might quicken or slow, but never, ever stops for even a breath. In some small way, this music is meant to be a reflection of this.


Movement titles:
I. Prologue
II. Dance
III. Nocturne
IV. Rhapsody
V. Epilogue

Approximate duration: 17 minutes

This piece features simple scordatura – the C string is tuned down a half step throughout the work.



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